Our Company was originally incorporated in Kolkata as "Sirohia & Sons Private Limited" on 28th May, 1990 under the Companies Act, 1956 vide certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies, West Bengal. Our Company was subsequently converted in to a public limited company and consequently name was changed to ‚Sirohia & Sons Limited “vide fresh certificate of incorporation dated 18th June, 2013 issued by the Registrar of Companies, West Bengal. Since incorporation we are engaged in the business of dealing in fertilizers and pesticides catering to primarily to Tea Industry located in the North East region of the Country particularly the state of Assam and West Bengal. We receive orders of the specific fertilizers and pesticides required by the Tea Estates through our direct marketing and procure them from the manufacturers which are mostly multinational companies like BASF India Limited Bayer Cropscience India Limited, Biostadt India Limited, DIC India Limited etc,. Fertilizers and Pesticides are very important ingredient for Tea and other plantation and they protect the crop from the weeds and increase productivity.

Our Products

Some of the products which we deal in are as under:


    Experience of our Promoters

    All our promoters are experienced and qualified in the field of supplying of materials like agrochemicals, fertilizers, etc. and have inculcated an ethical and transparent business practice, cost effective financial solution to the customers & contributed in the growth of our Company. Our company feels that the strength of any successful organization lies in the experience and guidance of its team leaders and staff alike. A lot of care is taken in choosing the right people for the right job. It has been only due to the highly empathetic management style that our Promoters have developed over the years. Our company provides an environment that induces an employee as an entrepreneur in his own work area.

    Strategic location of our Storage unit

    We believe that the strategic location of our storage unit / Godown allows us to cater to a larger consumer base, reduce logistic costs and achieve economies of scale. Our godown is located at Premtala Road, P.O. Silchar- 1, District: Cachar, Assam having location advantage allows lower procurement costs.

    Strong Customer Base

    Our Company has strong customer base in the local as well as interstate market. Over a period of time, our Company has built-up a track record for timely delivery of required products. Our marketing team interacts with the customers, understands their requirements and procures the products as per their requirements. Our Company has been able to retain customers and further strengthen the relationship by providing them end-to-end solutions for their requirements.

    Distributorship of renowned Multinational Companies

    ● American Spring & Pressing Works Limited ● Bayer Cropscience India Limited ●Aspee Plant Protection App. Private Limited ●DIC India Limited ●Excel Corp Care Limited ●Chemtura Chemicals India Limited ● Indian Potash Limited ● Rallis India Limited ● Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited ● United Phosphorus Limited ● Atul Limited

    Continue to develop client relationships

    We plan to grow our business primarily by growing the number of client relationships, as we believe that increased client relationships will add stability to our business. We seek to build on existing relationships and also focus on bringing into our portfolio more clients.


    Experienced Promoters and Management team ▪Cordial relationship with Customers


    Limited geographical coverage ▪Dependent upon growth in Agrochemicals industry ▪Dependence upon existing Customers for our business


    Establishment of market in neighbouring states ▪Potential to increase the business in the existing facility


    Industry is prone to change in government policies ▪There are no entry barriers in our industry which puts us to the threat of competition from new entrants.

    CMD's Message

    “Today in Eastern India, we are one of the leading players in Chemicals & Fertilizers for tea plantations with the best products and latest technologies at our disposal. Our strengths have helped us become one of the most trusted organizations in the country in this sector as we have created a niche for ourselves in the corporate world. In a market infested with unorganized sector players, quality, without a doubt, becomes our prime concern. Leaders die, products become obsolete, markets change, new technologies emerge and management fads come and go; but the core ideology of a company and the dedication of our work force endure as a source of guidance and inspiration. It provides the bond that holds our organization together as we constantly explore newer horizons in the quest to become a global player in our field.”

    Chairman & Managing Director
    Rakesh Sirohia


    Our Markets

    Sirohia & Sons Ltd is a privately owned company with headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal with branch offices in Siliguri, Guwahati and Bangalore. Our core business is into distribution and marketing of agrochemicals along with some industrial chemicals. Sirohia & Sons Ltd was founded in 1998 as a 'distribution company' only.

    Over the years, the product lines were expanded by bringing in a host of other chemicals under its own brand name. Today, we have become the leading distributor and marketer of agro chemicals in tea plantation industry and a prominent seller of organic and inorganic products in other crops also. Consistent with our leadership position and our strong desire for quality and growth, Sirohia & Sons Ltd is now looking to diversify both internally and externally. On an internal basis, the company structured to cater to a much larger extent with quality products and services and externally through exports to serve its global customers.